About This Product:

48h long lasting protection from sweat and body odor.


  • Degree’s UltraClear Black+White Pure Clean antiperspirant deodorant spray lasts for 48 hours and protects against white marks and yellow stains, making it one of Degree's best deodorant for women
  • This antiperspirant spray goes on instantly dry for a fresh and clean feel. With its 48-hour odor advanced protection, it's one of Degree’s best smelling deodorant spray for women.
  • With MotionSense technology, this breakthrough formula protects you from underarm sweat. It’s filled with smart capsules that respond to motion. When you move, these capsules burst with fragrance.
  • This deodorant for women with antiperspirant is designed to be the best deodorant for any sport, fitness class or alternative forms of movement. This dry spray also protects against deodorant stains.
Degree Ultra Clear Pure Clean Antiperspirant, Deodorant Dry Spray (3) Pack 3.8oz

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