25 pairs self adhesive training lashes, practice lashes best for eyelash extensions practice on your mannequin head.

  • Mimic natural eyelashes length, the spacing allows you to really practice the perfect placement of the individual eyelash extensions.
  • The suitable length and thickness able to practice and perfect you different styles and techniques.
  • Use practice lashes to practice eyelash strips will helped you gain confidence in your technique.
  • Training use training lashes are self -adhesive, don’t need to glue the lashes to the mannequin,will not move around during application, will make your work great and quickly.

Product Description


Obeya practice eyelashes to simulate the curl and length of natural eyelashes.

Using our training lashes can save you time and make you more professional and proficient.

Fiber material eyelashes are soft and not easy to fall off, pure cotton root is softer and firmer.

How to pick up the lashes

Step1. Pick up the eyelash band with tweezers

Step2. Use tweezers to clamp the eyelash band

Step3. Use tweezers to slowly pull the eyelash strips diagonally upwards

Step1.Removing the practice eyelashes from the box with tweezers.

Step2.Put the training lashes strip on the mannequin eye, You can use sticker pads it will be more convenient !

Step3.Separate the eyelashes with tweezers and place the glued eyelashes at 0.5-1mm of the practice eyelashes.

This stickers can help you easier to distinguish eyelashes length and practice different lash extensions style.

Our sticker can be used to isolate and secure the lower lashes too.

25 Pairs Practice Lashes for Eyelash Extensions, Training Lashes Practice Eyelashes

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