• EXCLUSIVE PATENT—NEENCA Foot Support Technology: The built-in heavy duty 3D arch support pad can increase arch‘s stability and support to keep injured joint and arch in correct position, 3-layer sole full of vents will give you the best fit, The bottom is poured with non-slip texture, and muscle massage spots on forefoot. These special functional elements will provide necessary strong support and pain relief to enhance user's mobility, thus speeding up recovery in a secure and comfortable way.
  • Medical Arch Support Insoles— This orthotic insert is made of 3 layers of compressed foam full of vents, a heavy duty 3D arch support pad, lots of muscle massage points on the forefoot and non-slip texture on the bottom. 3D support pad under the arch will protect injured bone and joint, promoting a smoother and more natural gait during rehabilitation. This innovative design for the perfect balance of comfort and orthopedic support, It’s the Best Choice for pain relief and injuries recovery.
  • Significant Pain Relief And Recovery— Neenca got a well balance between support and comfort, so it will promote more natural gait during use, great for daily life and injuries recovery. The non-slip texture on the bottom will prevent it from sliding during use, muscle massage points on the forefoot can accelerate blood circulation, reduce edema, and relieve pain. Arch support insoles is ideal for Arch pain, Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, Tendinitis, Flat Feet,High Arch,Fallen Arch.
  • Customized Comfort— Fully-integrated by 3 layers of gel foam, shoe insoles will provide comfortable, reliable support. The overall design is ergonomic, durable, moisture-wicking, breathable with NO SMELLY FEET! Clear size cutting lines allow cut freely according to the shape of your foot, for the most comfortable and customized fit, so you can wear them all day long!!! It is widely used in American hospital system, FDA Registered.
  • Back To Your Life— More reliable support than other shoe insoles to provide extra reinforcement without sacrificing comfort ,while allowing to continue with everyday activities. Innovatively designed from the #1 BEST SELLER of knee brace: NEENCA. NEENCA is a professional outdoor supplies manufacturer, which occupy the first position of medical equipment for so long. Lifetime warranty, full refund for ANY reasons. Best Gifts Idea For Your Friends And Family! ---Please Check Size Chart!
Professional Arch Support Insoles, Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Inserts, Medical Grade Thin Orthotic Insoles for Men and Women

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