The Art of Shaving Beard Oils

Everything for the well-groomed beard.

Packed with lightweight oils, our Beard Oil helps tame and moisturize even the toughest of beard hair. You’ll be left with a non-greasy, conditioned beard with a healthy shine.

The Art of Shaving’s Peppermint Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, Stubble Balm, and Beard Oil, when paired together is a great addition to any men's beard grooming routine. Beard Wash cleans your facial hair while Beard Conditioner leaves your hair refreshed, and for a nice finish, Stubble Balm softens your hair while Bead Oil tames unruly beard hair. The combination of these products is ideal for any facial hair aficionados.

Reminiscent of traditional Barber Shop environments, this handcrafted fragrance features a masculine, woody aroma.

Bergamot & Neroli

Inspired by the energy and warmth of the Mediterranean beaches, The Art of Shaving’s Bergamot and Neroli beard oil contains a premium blended aroma of uplifting and refreshing citrus notes, rounded with the sweet floral and fragrant bitter orange tree blossom.

Bourbon Beard Oil

A spirit inspired scent blending a rich, woody base with a warm, vanilla heart.

Sandalwood Beard Oil

Bergamot & Neroli Beard Oil

Bourbon Beard Oil

The Art of Shaving Brand Story...

We were founded in 1996 by a husband and wife team that passionately crafted quality products, using essential oils & botanical ingredients, to solve everyday shaving problems. Today, through personal consultation we solve all your grooming needs with a genuine desire to help you look and feel your best. If you can grow it, we can groom it.

The Art of Shaving Beard Oil for Men - Shaving Oil to Tame & Moisturize Beard, Sandalwood, 1 Ounce

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