• COMBO PACK – Spice rack organizer which allows you to arrange your spice tidily, spice racks included 16 jars bottle without spices which used to store daily-use seasonings & spices, 32 spice labels with white chalk marker pen able to let you label every jar bottles, write on the spices label and stick on top of the jars cap, easily identify each spice and find it. You’ll have a spice rack organizer and 16 jars that fit nicely on the spice rack, making a perfect kitchen cabinet spice organizer.
  • EASY ACCESS TO YOUR SPICE – Spice organizer rack is easy to take spices out and put them back when cooking. It keeps kitchen area tidy, ensure they’ll never take over countertop & create a mess. Lids and caps of the jar bottles are airtight, keeps your herbs and spices stay fresh longer! This seasoning rack can also be tucked into a cabinet for storage. It has convenient yet sturdy handle which allow you to grab your spice & herbs from cabinet shelf to dining table or outdoor barbecue area.
  • PREMIUM SEASONING RACK – This spice storage rack is made of waterproof and sturdy material with a durable, smooth surface and strong support to ensure all your spice jars are well organized kept in the jar bottles, the best seasoning organizer cabinet for you to choose from. Top and bottom of this spice shelfs compartment adopts smooth wooden structure. It can put 16 bottles of seasoning jars. If you’re attending housewarming party, this spice rack will be a great housewarming gift, too!
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION – Spice rack organizer: Length 11’’ x Width 4.6’’ x Height 10’’ (28cm x 11.6cm x 25.5cm). This spice rack organizers included 16 jars seasoning bottle. Jars bottle dimension: Diameter 1.7’’ x Height 3.7’’ (4.5cm x 9.4cm) capable to hold spices of 2.8oz/80g per bottle. Topcovos spice rack organizer can be use right out of the box, no assembly needed, all you need to do is just unseal the protective seal from the jar bottle caps to use it right away.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our #1 priority here at Topcovos is your happiness. NOTE: In the shipment of our coffee press, it occured 1% of breakage rate, if you received broken product, please take a picture and email us, we will send a new spice rack, without returning the damaged item.

Product Description


  • Peel off the cap protective film before usage
  • No assembly required for the spice rack
  • Do not put on a stove or grill
  • Use a half wet cloth to wipe the spice rack for cleaning purpose.

Spice Rack - 4 Tier Spice Organizer with 16 Spice Jars Included 32 Spice Labels & Chalk Marker

Adding a pinch of this or that can make a recipe come alive. But sometimes, you can't find that spice you need though you swear you have it in your pantry. It could simply be time to organize those spices by putting them into a rack. Topcovos Spice Rack is the perfect choice for you!

  • Spice Rack Dimension : Length 11’’ x Width 4.6’’ x Height 10’’
  • Jar Bottle Dimension : Diameter 1.7’’ x Height 3.7’’ (4.5cm x 9.4cm)
  • Jar Bottle Capacity : 2.8oz (80 g)
  • Spice Rack Weight : 5.24lb (2.38 kg)


With room for up to 16jars, this spice organizer has plenty of spaces for you to tuck in all of your spices whether is a commonly used or rarely used seasoning & spices. Jar bottles are airtight which helps protect your spices stay fresh longer!


Nobody likes a jumble of spice jars on kitchen countertop which will give your kitchen a cluttered look. With this spice shelf organizer, you can easily organize all of your spices tidily, make it simple and clean!


Topcovos spice rack organizer designed with a durable carrying handle which easy for you to carry your spices shelf to places whenever you want. From kitchen countertop to outdoor barbecue area or dining table, not a problem!


Spice rack comes with 32 DIY labels that match the spice jars, ensure you can label whatever you want on the spice jars in order for you to recognize which spices you are finding, makes all your favorite spices easily recognize & accessible. Come with a chalk marker pen as well!

Organize & Tier Up Your Spice with Topcovos

Spice Rack, Spice Organizer with 16 Spice Jars Included 32 Spice Labels & Chalk

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