Mommy's Bliss Saline Mist Nasal Relief cleans, moisturizes, and gently soothes the delicate nasal passages for your little ones (designed for babies). The specially-designed nozzle consistently delivers the finest mist for when your baby is stuffed up. Our baby saline spray helps relieve mucus, congestion, nasal dryness, and lubricates irritated nasal passages. This saline mist also contains zero preservatives, parabens, alcohol or artificial dyes. Created for moms, by moms, Mommy's Bliss was created to safely and naturally bring families back to bliss. If you've tried saline products from brands such as Little Remedies, Zarbees, Fridabababy and Boogie Mist, you and your baby will love our soothing gentle saline mist.


  • Specially designed tip for babies nose
  • Sterile saline solution that clears mucus & lubricates dry nasal passages
  • Saline mist for babies that’s gentle & safe
  • Medicine free
  • Free from preservatives, parabens, alcohol or artificial dyes
  • All Ages: Babies-Adults
Mommys Bliss Saline Mist Spray 2.53 oz

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