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  • Perfect texture: Gentle airflow surrounds your hair to enhance curls and waves and reduce frizz with our innovative diffuser.
  • Smooth, shiny results: Airflow circulated through our diffuser ensures up to 75% less frizz.*
  • Salon performance: Achieve up to 50% faster drying** with a professional AC motor that lasts up to 3x longer.**
  • Healthier-looking hair: Infrared heat generated with ceramic technology ensures gentle, even drying.
  • Lock in your curls and waves: True cold shot produces cold air to freeze your look in place.
  • Settings for you: Choose from 3 heat/2 speed settings.
  • Lose the lint: Prevent lint buildup and extend motor life with the removable filter.
  • Precision drying: Our sleek concentrator focuses airflow as you dry.
  • Enhance your natural texture: Volumizing diffuser brings out your best, frizz-free curls and waves. 
INFINITIPRO BY Conair Natural Texture Styling System, Blow Dryer
2949 3999

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