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  • ✔INTELLIGENT 3/4 LENGTH: occupies less room in your shoes compared to full length height increase insoles, providing compatibility with a wide range of shoe styles.
  • ✔DISCREET & VERSATILE: Completely discrete and unnoticeable once inside your shoes. One Size Fits All. (MEN 6-12 | WOMEN 7-13)
  • ✔IT'S IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that your feet may need to adjust to the incline over a period of few days. If you stack or overuse them immediately, it may cause foot pain. Most users find that they slowly ease their way into the height increase insoles, they achieve the best results. Other differences from regular insoles may include: Minor reduced stability, increased presssure on ball of foot, shrinking size.
  • ✔WEIGHT: 2.4 oz. Extremely light weight, you won't even notice them on foot. Material: Injection molded bottom covered in solid EVA construction bottom. Anti-sweat breathable mesh upper.
  • ✔MAIN INSOLE HEIGHT: 1.4" (3.55 CM). With Extra Boost Added: 1.8" (4.57 CM). Width: Standard (D or Medium). Supports regular width.

💪Fits best in:
Footwear with removeable insoles.
"High Profile" such as a boot style.
Casuals with mid to high top
(Use with Elevator Shoes is not recommended).

EVA foam ergonomically support feet with a higher arch while elevating in comfort. Made from lightweight foam material yet durable and comfortable to wear all day. Anti-odor mesh upper absorbs moisture that may cause unpleasant smell. Removable so that you can place them into any footwear.

Height Increase Insole - Ergonomic Heel Lifts for Elevator Shoe Increasing Effect - 3/4 Length Insole - Adjustable 1.8 Inch Taller

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