About this Product

Collagen Hydrating Day Cream, illuminates the skin and offers long lasting hydration. Based on marine Collagen, this day cream helps to smooth the skin's appearance and offers long lasting hydration. Coupled with natural  oils such as Squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. The day cream leaves the skin refreshed, soft and youthful looking.

Collagen Sleeping Overnight Cream, helps the skin to appear refreshed and healthy. Based on Hydrolyzed Collagen, it improves the moisture content of the skin and helps in improving skin's overall apperance. Enriched with natural  oils such as Squalane,  jojoba oul and shea butter. This overnight cream provides deep nourishment. 

Dr. Karabelnic Collagen Hydrating and Firming Duo (Day Cream + Overnight)

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