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365 days of simple, healthy Mediterranean recipes to make lifestyle changes and build healthy habits includes a 30-day meal plan
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Are you looking for a diet that will help you lower your blood pressure and lose weight without changing your eating habits?
Voted the best diet for the eighth year in a row by
"The US and World Report," The Dash Diet is proving to be the healthiest way to eat in the modern world. Recent research has shown that people who follow The Dash Diet can reduce blood pressure, fight all cardiovascular ailments and reduce weight by speeding up metabolism.
The Dash Diet
(Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) was born in the '90s, formulated by the "National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute," an institute that deals with the health of the heart, lungs, and blood. Its primary objective is to combine the fight against hypertension with weight loss, thanks to balanced menus and low sodium content.
The book we offer has been designed and structured as a complete guide, which helps our readers step by step to achieve their goal of weight loss and good health easily.
Included in this book, you will find:
The complete guide to The Dash Diet.
By following our directions, you'll learn all about The Dash Diet, the foods to include and avoid, the nutrients to regulate, and the basics to follow.
Quick and easy recipes.
You will find an endless variety of quick and easy recipes to prepare enriched with helpful information such as nutritional values, preparation, and cooking times. They're designed to delight the palate and promote well-being.
A comprehensive food plan.
A 30-day meal plan will help you get off to the best start on your diet, and you will definitively understand how to continue on the road to wellness by erasing any doubts about the entire process.
So, if you want to take control of your health and become a much healthier version of yourself, there's only one thing you need to do, scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button.
Start your healing journey today!

Dash Diet Cookbook for Beginners: the Ultimate Guide to Managing Blood Pressure Problems, with 1500 Days of Low-Sodium Recipes and a 30-Day Meal Plan

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