• ONE PIECE OF AB SLING STRAPS FOR ENTIRE CORE & ABS: These ab slings allow you to do ab exercises like knee raises, side crunches, toes to bar, & other off-floor ab exercises. They're ideal for people who want to tone full-body with a single gym gear!
  • 300LB OF TENSILE STRENGTH: These premium Quality hanging ab straps will help you reach any fitness goals. They're strong enough that even during intense workouts, they don't break. Plus they have thickly padded sleeves to ensure comfort during use!
  • ALL STANDARD BAR COMPATIBLE: The elbow strap is easy to use in all standard & doorway pull-up bars.The quick-release feature of these ab straps makes setup easy, while also a secure closure system that locks down in place so it won't slip during use!
  • REDUCES PALM PRESSURE: These ab trainers come with unique removable palm grips, so you can work out without worrying about your hands getting sweaty or hurt. Also they won't dig into skin & prevent any discomfort during a rigorous session!
  • EASY TO USE AB STRAP MADE OF WASHABLE FABRIC IN DESIRABLE COLOR: The pull-up assist straps are great to match your style. A variety of colors & durable design gives you a worry-free workout. Plus they're hand washable which makes them easy to clean


We at RIMSports keenly focus on three factors; QUALITY, DESIGN, and COLOR to produce amazing unique products to stand up to your toughest workouts. We look for ways to make our products intuitive and better able to meet your needs


Dream for your abs and accomplish it with the assistance of an exceptionally viable ab workout tool that will assist you with fostering a six pack quicker and simpler! It also supports your arm as you perform a hanging crunch and target your core for the development of abs and provide more stability to your workout


1.Provide reassuring safety and enhanced stability
2. Lightweight and portable for easy carriage
3. Give more engagement to the core muscles
4. Provide well-defined hanging position
5. Will lessen the palm pressure
6. Reduce shoulder strain
7. Minimize arm pressure and improve comfort to your workout
8. Cost effective


1. Fits all bar sizes
2. Extra padded cushion for arm and elbow support
3. Heavy duty rivets for reassuring safety and enhanced stability
4. Removable hand grips and durable carabiners for length adjustment
5. Non toxic material for skin friendliness
6. Specially designed to suit both men and women
7. Portable and lightweight for easy carriage
8. High quality material for odor free and sweat absorption
9. Heavy duty carabiners for easy installation
10. Ideal ab workout equipment for home and gym
11. Perfect gift for the fitness lovers
12. One year guarantee

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