• Glass Food Storage Containers for Everything! Aside from the obvious fact that JoyFul by JoyJolt glass meal prep containers are healthier for you and your food, you can also go from freezer to oven without breaking, with a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your purpose. What a JoyFul Idea!
  • 12 Airtight Food Storage Containers With Lids: Includes Four Rectangle Containers 35oz (8x6in), 21oz (6.75x5in), 12oz (two 4.2x5.5in). 4 Square Containers 27oz (6in), 17.5oz (5.2in), 11oz (two 4.3in). 4 Round Containers 32oz (6.75in). 21oz (5.9in), 13.5oz (two 5.2in). Height ranges from 1.75-2.3 inches.
  • All Temp Food Containers: Made from Borosilicate Glass (aka, space shuttle glass), your containers are robust and love extremes! They’re Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe to 1040DegF and Microwave Safe containers (*NOT THE LIDS). Both lids and containers are fridge safe and Freezer Safe to minus 104DegF
  • Airtight Containers For Fresher Food: The airtight silicone seal and secure hinge clips means you can use them for a food container without odors and air, getting in or out! They're also leakproof glass lunch containers so go ahead and use them as soup containers in your lunch bag without fear!
  • JoyFul (by JoyJolt) glass tupperware will arrive securely gift boxed like all JoyJolt Glassware and comes with our robust 12-Month Warranty. So contact us if anything goes wrong, ok? And whether you’re using them for lunch or leftover we only have one rule - Live JoyFul and Cook for Joy!

Product Description

Robust, Airtight, Temperature Tough AND Different Shapes! … What More Could You Want?!

We can’t tell you what size food you’re making, or whether you have tons of leftovers or just a few, so instead of boxing you into a one-size-fits-all container set, this one comes with 9 different shapes and sizes (12 containers in all) made from robust Borosilicate Glass!

From Freezer To Oven, And Back Again…

Store airtight leftovers, freeze them down and thaw them out in the oven! And if you forgot that you were being treated out to lunch, you can stash your uneaten meal prep for later, all with airtight AND leakproof protection! And when you’re done, pop them in the dishwasher ready for the next batch of food. What a JoyFul Idea!

Move Over Plastic, This Sturdy Glassware Has A Long Joyous Future

For The Pantry

We all wish life could be a neat and tidy row of matching jars and cute labels, but not all kitchens are made that way! But with this different sized and shape set you can still have matching airtight pantry storage that fits your unique space

From Freezer to Oven

Made from the same glass used on the Space Shuttle (Borosilicate Glass), they’re fridge and freezer safe down to minus 104DegF, oven safe up to 1040DegF and microwave safe! Lids are not oven or microwave safe, but they ARE fridge and freezer safe.

Easy To Clean

Because these Dishwasher Safe containers are made from such robust glass, you’ll be able to wash them without chips or cracks appearing out of the blue. And you want to preserve the hermetic seal for a long time, so wash lids by hand.

The Freshest Leftovers

Food is hermetically sealed with our silicone gasket, and hinge-clip airtight latches. From odors to air, or things leaking from the shelf above, nothing is getting in or out of your containers. They’re also 100% Leakproof if using them for soup!

JoyFul, by JoyJolt 12pc Glass Food Container Set.

· 12 Borosilicate Glass Containers with Airtight Lids.

· Rectangle Sizes: 35oz (8x6”), 21oz (6.75x5”), 2x12oz (4.2x5.5”).

· Square Sizes:27oz (6”), 17.5oz (5.2”), 2x11oz (4.3in)

· Round Sizes: 32oz (6.75”), 21oz (5.9”), 2x13.5oz (5.2in).

· Airtight, Leakproof, Hermetically Sealed Plastic Lids

· Easy To Clean:Dishwasher Safe Containers / Handwash Lids

· Temperatures: From -104DegF to 1040DegF

· Oven and Microwave Safe (Containers Only),

· Freezer Safe (Lids + Containers)

· Gift Boxed with Secure Padding

24Pc Glass Storage Containers with Lids. 12 Airtight, Freezer Safe Storage Containers, Pantry Kitchen Glass Meal Prep Container for Lunch

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